Hydrant Flow Gauge
Gauge Care Guidelines

The Hydrant Flow Gauge is pre-calibrated to measure water flow from 2½" hydrant nozzles in gallons per minute and pounds per square inch. It will fit any 2½" nozzle opening without the use of tools.

To operate, remove the 2½" hydrant nozzle cap. Clean the thread to remove grease or foreign matter. Open hydrant to flush any debris from the barrel. Shut down hydrant. Assemble on the top of the nozzle thread with the blade parallel to flow. Select a thread, then tighten thumb screw to securely hold assembly on nozzle. Open hydrant fully. Purge the air from the bleeder by turning counterclockwise. After water flows from bleeder, retighten. Read pressure.


Note: Tube length and gauge face are sized for 2½" only; use on other diameters will cause inaccuracy. This unit performs a dynamic or kinetic test. This device should not be used for a static test (see P670/P671 for static test).

Due to the sensitive nature of pressure gauges they are only warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, until they are put into service. 

QTY P669LF Hydrant Flow Gauge Liquid Filled 100 Pound Gauge with Case
QTY P66901LF Hydrant Flow Gauge Liquid Filled 100 Pound Gauge Less Case
QTY P66910LF Hydrant Flow Gauge Liquid Filled 160 Pound Gauge with Case
QTY P66911LF Hydrant Flow Gauge Liquid Filled 160 Pound Gauge Less Case
QTY P66902 Case only for P669
QTY P66903 Bracket
QTY HYD100 4" Liquid Filled Gauge 100 psi
QTY HYD160 4" Liquid Filled Gauge 160 psi
QTY P66905 Thumb Screw
QTY P66906 Clamp
QTY P66907 Bleeder valve for P66903