Pollard Fire Hydrant Gauge

This cap and gauge measures pressure at the 2-1/2" hydrant connection.

The chromed brass cap is available with NST, NYC or special thread

Note: for special thread we ask that you send a sample male hose nozzle to match your specification exactly.

Liquid filled gauges have been added by request, although they are not necessary as you are measuring static pressure.

Do you have a special thread that is not NST?

Send us a sample male hose nozzle thread and we will manufacture your threads to your requirements.
thread sample
Gauge Care Guidelines

Due to the sensitive nature of pressure gauges they are only warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, until they are put into service.

Standard FHG:
A favorite! Chrome handles make quick work of taking the unit on and off hydrants and no special tools are required.

Bleeder FHG:
A bleeder valve has been added allowing the user to vent air and water from the hydrant before taking readings.  High quality model features a 1% 3.5" Liquid Filled Gauge.

Economy FHG:
This inexpensive FHG features a bleeder valve and standard hydrant adapter.  Make your own Fire Hydrant Gauge?  Use what you have and we will supply the rest!

Not sure what PSI Gauge to get?
Most gauges work best in the middle third span of the gauge.  It will give you more accurate readings and help to keep you from over pressurizing the gauge and damaging the bourdon tube inside.



QTY P67000LF

FHG Standard - NST - 60 max psi


FHG Standard - NST - 100 max psi

QTY P67001LF

FHG Standard - NST - 160 max psi

QTY P67002LF

FHG Standard - NST - 200 max psi

QTY P67003LF

FHG Standard - NST - 300 max psi

QTY P67006

Bracket only NST with washer

QTY P67007

Bracket only NYC with washer