Pollard Reflective Fiberglass Flag - Plate Mount

  • Vandal Proof
  • Resilient 0.375" diameter white fiberglass flag shaft is attached to a heavy duty 0.187" galvanized hard drawn steel and plated for rust protection
  • Mounting Bracket is 1 1/2" wide, 4" long plated steel with 3/8" diameter bolt hole
  • Corrosion-free and UV resistant fiberglass shafts
  • Spring Mounted

The 4" wide highly reflective red striping tape on the white Pollard Hydrant fiberglass shaft afford instant day and night visual location of the fire hydrant.  There are six red reflective sections per flag.

The high-visibility Fiber-Flex Flag quickly locates hydrants buried in snow or covered with seasonal vegetation overgrowth.  Shipped fully assembled, the Fiber-Flex Flag hardware includes the customer specified "L" or "flat" steel mounting bracket and the MIL SPEC spring mount.




QTY P69111

Reflective Hydrant Marker, Plate Mount  - 64"

QTY P69115

Reflective Hydrant Marker with Non Reflective Red Flag  - 64", Plate Mount

QTY P69117

Reflective Hydrant Marker, Plate Mount - 72"

QTY P69116

Reflective Hydrant Marker with Non Reflective Red Flag, 72", Plate Mount