Brass Hydrant Identification Tags

Virtually indestructible solid brass identification tagging system for fire hydrants. Pollardwater's Hydrant Tags are a custom tagging system for fire hydrants.

This durable identification system is made from rust and corrosion resistant solid brass. Steel stamps are available for customizing your own identification number or lettering system.

Attaches securely to bolts on hydrant for a virtually tamper proof installation. Identification systems are important for emergency locations, maintenance and repairs, security, mapping and performance evaluations.

Pollardwater's economical Hydrant Tag Identification System is a simple, quick and tamper proof way to identify Fire Hydrants. Also can be used on gate valves, check valves, backflow preventers, pumps, etc.

Small tags measure 2" x 3/4" with 9/16" diameter bolt hole

Large tags measure 2-1/2" x 1" with 11/16" diameter bolt hole

Stamping on small brass tags is a maximum of 5 characters, 6 characters on large tags all in one line.  Characters are 3/16" in height.  Stamped tags are a special order items and are non-returnable.




QTY P69242

Brass Hydrant Tags (25pcs)
Small Plain, No Stamping

QTY P69243

Brass Hydrant Tags (25pcs)
Small, Stamped *

QTY P69246

Brass Hydrant Tags (25pcs)
Large Plain, No Stamping

QTY P69247

Brass Hydrant Tags (25pcs)
Large, Stamped *
* NOTE: Specify characters when ordering, one line only, 5 characters max for small tags and 6 characters max for large tags.  Please call for volume quotes.  Stamped tags are special order items and are non-cancellable and non-returnable.