Combo Dechlorination Kit for LPD-250

For dechlorinating high PPM (20-300) chlorinated water mains or tanks!
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Combo Kit with 5 Gal CAPTOR Container

Combo Kit with CAPTOR 55 Gal Drum or 220 Gal Tote

Used for high flow and long duration  applications.  Gravity feeds CAPTOR into the COMBO Feed Control Tank.


Combo Kit Flow Control
Panel Diagram. 

Simple to operate - just find GPM your flowing at and PPM Chlorine concentration and adjust Rotometer to flow the correct amount of CAPTOR


The Super Dechlorinating Kit has a strap
to keep the Combo Kit parts together.

Four Combo Kit legs are shipped inside
PVC Storage tube for protection.

The Combo kit is very easy to set up and
transport - it can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Combo Kit: 1,000,000 Gallons/300 PPM

A complete kit for all size projects.  For shorter projects, the Combo Kit includes a auxiliary base to hold a 5 gallon CAPTOR shipping container for use as a gravity feed holding tank. 

The feed tank maintains a constant level of CAPTOR by using a float valve.  You can change out the 5-gallon drums without stopping your dechlorination run.  Simply disconnect the empty drum of CAPTOR and replace it with a fresh one.  The feed tank continues to feed CAPTOR while the change-out occurs. 

Setting up the Combo kit is easy and can be done by one person in less than 5 minutes.  It is also easy to operate.  Based on the ppm of chlorine and the desired GPM flow rate, you determine the required CAPTOR flow meter reading from the chart on the flow control panel.  To begin operation, first open the CAPTOR control valve to set the required flow meter reading - then open the hydrant and bring the pitot reading up to the desired value.  Immediately test for completeness of dechlorination and adjust the CAPTOR flow rate if required.  To ensure you maintain complete dechlorination, we suggest that you periodically test during your Dechlor run.

The LPD-250 Diffuser and CAPTOR are sold separately.

Volume of Water (Gallons)

Chlorine Concentration (ppm)

Gallons of CAPTOR Needed*

* Values generated are should only be used for estimation. Actual results may vary.





Combo Superdechlorinator Kit *


LPD-250 Dechlorinating Diffuser


LPD-250 Aluminum Dechlorinating Diffuser


5 Gallon Drum of CAPTOR
Qty pricing applied 10+ drums


55 Gallon Drum of CAPTOR **
pricing applied 4+ Drums

* LPD-250 diffuser and CAPTOR are NOT included with the kits above and must be purchased separately.
** Note: Please call for Freight Quote