Kasco Model CF Circulators: Circulator Accessories & Replacement Propellers

Kasco Circulators

Prevent water stagnation and thermal stratification Prevent ice formation around docks and in tanks Choice of mounting configurations

Use Kasco circulators to keep water moving to prevent freezing in the winter around docks and in water tanks. In summer, they can be placed to prevent accumulation of debris and stagnation in confi ned areas, plus they can be used to keep solids suspended in holding tanks or pits for pump-out.

Kasco circulators use the same rugged motors as the Model AF surface aerators, listed separately in this section. Motors, prop guard and hardware are stainless steel for corrosion protection in fresh and salt water installations. A hard-face internal mechanical seal, plus a lip seal, provide superior leak protection. Long-life top and bottom ball bearings are flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation in continuous service. ETL listed to stringent UL and CSA Safety Standards. For water tower applications, specify that your circulator be filled with mineral oil, listed as an option below.


Circulator mounted on dock mount

Circulator mounted on horizontal float



Mounting options include:
(1) Rope suspension (customer supplied)
(2) A universal dock mounting kit that allows for multiple positions, both vertical and angled to depths as low as 10'. (Customers supply 1" pipe extensions). Made of corrosion protected steel and stainless steel components.
(3) A horizontal flotation kit with 5 angled mounting positions. The circulator, when mounted to the float, is less than 2' feet below the surface. The horizontal kit consists of an artic proven thermoplastic flotation block with stainless steel mounting components.

The optional control box includes a time clock and adjustable thermostat in housing rated for outdoor use. The circulator will run only when the time clock and thermostat are both activated.


1/2 HP - 2400CF Models

3/4 HP - 3400CF Models

1 HP - 4400CF Models

Circulator Accessories & Replacement Propellers




Circulator Accessories


QTY VKA10186

Thermostat/Timer Control

QTY VKA10187

Dock Mount

QTY VKA10188

Horizontal Float

QTY VKA10189

Mineral Oil Fill Option

Replacement Propellers


QTY VKA10180

Model 2400CF

QTY VKA10181

Model 3300CF

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Model 4400CF