Vita-D-Chlor™ NSF
Neutral Granular Sodium Ascorbate

  • Neutralizes Chlorine at a rate of 2.8:1
  • 1 lb. will neutralize 43,000 gal of water with less than 1 ppm chlorine.
  • Meets the dechlorination requirements of the EPA’s Clean Water Act
  • Vita-D-Chlor™ is 100% organic and is 100% soluble
  • Vita-D-Chlor™ is the safest and least toxic of dechlorination chemicals on the market
  • Dechlorination Guide

  • MSDS Sheet

Vita-D-Chlor™ Neutral is the only Sodium Ascorbate with NSF certification for dechlorinating water.  Vita-D-Chlor™  Neutral provides all the environmental benefits of dechlorinating with Vita-D-Chlor™.  However, for situations where pH is a concern, Vita-D-Chlor™ Neutral will be your solution.  A feed solution made with Vita-D-Chlor™  Neutral will have a pH around 7 1/2 and will not adversely affect water that has a neutral pH of 6 - 8.

Like Vita-D-Chlor™, Vita-D-Chlor™ Neutral is safe to handle and is used in the same fashion.  The only difference in usage is that approximately 10% more Vita-D-Chlor™ Neutral must be used to obtain the same dechlorination results as are achieved with a given amount of Vita-D-Chlor™.

Vita-D-Chlor™ Tablets (Ascorbic Acid)  Vita-D-Chlor™ Granular (Ascorbic Acid)

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Active Ingredient Sodium Ascorbate 100%
Form Easy Dissolving Fine Granular
Solubility 5 lbs/gal max
Quality NSF Certified, (Dechlorination & Antioxidant Chemical)
Meets pharmaceutical industry standards for purity (USP)
Packaging Plastic screw cap bottle & resealable plastic pail (airtight)
Sizes 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.), 12 kg (26.5 lbs.), or 25 kg (55 lbs.)



QTY VITA3335040

Vita-D-Chlor™, Granular Neutral Sodium Ascorbate, 5 1/2 lbs

QTY VITA3335050

Vita-D-Chlor™, Granular Neutral Sodium Ascorbate, 26 1/2 lbs

QTY VITA3335065

Vita-D-Chlor™, Granular Neutral Sodium Ascorbate, 55 lbs