Vita-D-Chlor Usage Formulas

  • Vita-D-Chlor™ is the only NSF certified Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Sodium Ascorbate for dechlorination and fully neutralizes both Chlorine & Chloramines.  The following formulas will provide estimates of your Vita-D-Chlor™ requirements based upon the chlorine content and volume of water being treated and the mechanical means of dechlorination.

  • Dechlorinating with Vita-D-Chlor™ Neutral will require approximately 10% more to achieve the same chlorine neutralization.  Since many factors can affect the dechlorination reaction, use these calculations as rough guidelines and always test treated water for residual chlorine levels to assure complete dechlorination. 

  • Formulas for using Vita-D-Chlor™ with injection, drip, siphon or venturi devices. Most device manufacturers can supply the flow rates through their devices and the corresponding feed rates through the siphon.

    3CP/5F = Grams of Vita-D-Chlor™ needed per gallon of feed solution

    CP/750F = Pounds of Vita-D-Chlor™ needed per gallon of feed solution


      C = Gallons per minute flow rate of chlorinated water to be treated

      P = Part per million of chlorine in the water to be neutralize

      F = Gallons per hour flow rate of feed solution with Vita-D-Chlor™

  • Formulas for using Vita-D-Chlor™ in ponds, lakes, tanks, or other fixed bodies of water

    GP/100 = Total Vita-D-Chlor™ needed in grams

    GP/45,400 = Total Vita-D-Chlor™ needed in pounds


      G = Gallons of chlorinated water

      P = Part per million of chlorine


  • 3.25 pounds of Vita-D-Chlor™ will neutralize one gallon of sodium hypochlorite 12.5% (1.26 pounds of chlorine per gallon)

  • One gram of Vita-D-Chlor™ will neutralize 1 ppm (part per million) chlorine in 100 gallons of water

  • Two pounds (approximately one kilogram) of Vita-D-Chlor™ will neutralize 1 ppm chlorine in 100,000 gallons of water


While the statements, information and data provided herein are believed to be accurate and reliable, they are presented without guarantee, warranty, or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied. This information is based on general calculation for the dechlorinization capabilities of Vita-D-Chlor™. It is intended only to assist in determining the quantity of material to purchase and is not a statement of the actual quantity of Vita-D-Chlor™ required to neutralize chlorine. Different attributes of different water will affect your actual results. Prior to being released into the environment, all treated water must be tested to assure that complete dechlorinization has been achieved.