LPD-CHLOR Dechlorination Tablets

LPD-CHLOR® Dechlorination Tablets are designed exclusively for the LPD-250 and LPD-250A Dechlorinating Diffusers.  They are used with the LPD-250 series diffusers for dechlorinating up to 4 ppm chlorine or chloramines.  For high concentrations (up to 300 ppm chlorine) we use CAPTOR NSF with our Combo Kits which feed chemical into where the tablets would normally go.  LPD-Chlor has been specifically designed for both water and cold water temperatures.  The LPD-Chlor has also been specifically manufactured to be used in the LPD-250 and LPD-250A dechlorinators without the need for a tablet screen.  We do NOT recommend regular D-Chlor tablets for the LPD-250 series dechlorinating diffusers.

Using LPD-Chlor with the LPD-250 and LPD-250A diffusers you will use approximately 10 tablets for every 10,000 gallons of water flushed.   Add more tablets as needed (when the tablet size reaches about half the original size add more) - no chemical is wasted and can reuse any left over tablets.

Storage - Store in a cool dry place, tablets have a shelf life of a year.

Shipping - tablets can be shipped via FedEx or UPS.  For larger shipments we normally ship via truck.  We stock LPD-Chlor in our warehouses in Long Island, NY and Redmond, WA, reducing your ship time and freight costs.  Freight quotes are no problem at all, just let us know when you need them by, and the ship to address and we would be happy to get you a estimate.

LPD-CHLOR eliminates the dangers and problems with sulfur dioxide gas systems as well as the mixing and handling of concentrated sulfite solutions.

  • Each tablet contains 81.3% Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3)
  • Tablet Size is 2-5/8" diameter x 13/16" thick
  • Approximately 140 tablets per pail
LPD-CHLOR can effectively treat:
  • Wastewater
  • Tap water
  • Cooling tower blowdown
  • Process water where the presence of chlorine or oxidizers is undesirable due to corrosion, oxidation or biological hazards
Removes chlorine or other oxidizer originating from:
  • Calcium hypochlorite tablets
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Chlorine gas
  • Ozone
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LPD-Chlor Tablets 45 lbs
For quantities of 4+ cost per pail would be $142.50. Discount to be applied at time of invoicing.